~People of California~


~People of California~

It is time we have a Secretary of State who will actually Represent the People, who will actually Commit to The Oath of Office and not abandon it, who will actually Stand For and Defend the People instead of ‘Standing By’ while their freedom is erased – a Secretary of State who will actually Uphold and Defend the California and United States Constitutions, and who is NOT yet another insertion from The Establishment. 

It is not in my blood to be a politician, and I will never be one, but it IS in my blood to fight for the rights and freedom of my Family, my Friends and ALL People. 

I am committed to Securing Free and Fair Elections and ensuring that the FREEDOM and RIGHTS guaranteed by our California and United States Constitutions are at the forefront of ALL governance.

How? Beginning with my number one action item, I will find and follow the evidence with an unyielding and unwavering course of action to bring the 2020 Presidential Election into full transparency and resolution based on facts substantiated by existing evidence brought forth by key whistleblower(s), forensic investigation(s) and federal filing(s).

As the chief elections officer, I will ensure that the testing and approvals of all voting equipment used in previous and future elections were and are performed according to the law and ensure that every vote was and is counted as it was cast. I will ultimately ensure that our election laws are enforced in retrospect and perpetuity.

I don’t come with a nascar-style list of backers and endorsements, that would make me a politician.  I will not accept ONE DOLLAR from anyone outside of The People. 

I DO NOT Want:

GOP support – Corporate backing – or Big-name Celebrity Endorsements. 

Heck No.

I Want the Endorsement of the People

The most important Endorsement that exists.

WhenWe The People Govern.  We The People Win.

YOUR most powerful tool to exercise your FREEDOM is YOUR VOTE.  When Your Vote is erased, so is your Freedom.  If your vote doesn’t count (as cast), then you are NOT Free.


I Will Embrace My Oath of Office

Not abandon it or abandon You, and I will Secure Fair, True Elections   where Your Votes Count and Your Voices are Heard.

Remember, if our votes don’t count, we are not free.

No More, Never Again.

– Matt Cinquanta