Matthew Cinquanta

 In order to save Our Freedom and Prosperity in the future, We must first repair the past that bars us from it.”   -Matthew Cinquanta

We're All in This Together

I was raised in Colorado, where I began my career as a Private Investigator in 1991.  A resident of California since 1998, I’ve been a licensed Private Investigator and small business owner since 2006. Family is the most important part of my life and as a son, brother, uncle and husband I strive to bring the best possible Me I can into everything I do.  Fitness is my greatest life-long hobby and another I held close to my heart was working in film & television as an actor, producer and stunt performer. That is, until my gut began telling me there was something terribly wrong within the entertainment industry.  Once I knewit, I stayed away.  I clearly see ‘the business’ is in desperate need of major repair, just as as our local, state and national goverments are, and each seem to codependently overlap and mesh with the other.  Enough said.  There is critical work to be done, and I CAN and WILL do it.  Above everything else in this life, I love My Family, God, Friends, My Fellow Man and Freedom, just as you do, but I don’t believe we have been a truly free people for a very very long time, and now the erosion of our constitutional rights and personal freedom has progressed to the point that every aspect of our life and liberty is about to be lost – Forever… and it is unmistakably obvious to EVERYONE, whether they’re conscious of it or not.

So, as perspectives either merge or clash among us, a fact I am certain of is that I belong at the forefront of the changes we need to make as a people, even if it means I find myself in the line of fire from the those who see me as an interruption to their agenda.  I hope not literally, but I know the establishment will battle me every step of the way, and they already are because of  My MissionTo Honor The Oath of Office, Not Abandon it, and To Secure Free and Fair Elections That Represent a Governement Of, By and For The People, Where Our Votes Count and Our Voices Are Heard.

I Love My Country –  I will not stand by as this takedown of America unfolds, and stopping the disintegration of Integrity within our elections will be my first stop along the way toward restoring our FREEDOM.  

When WE The People say “NO MORE! the dismantling of our State & Federal Constitutions and Individual Autonomy will come to an end… and Never Again will it happen.  WE have to be the change we seek.  No one is going to do it for us.


…for You and for those in the future who will have no choice but to live in the history we leave behind. Our Past is Their Future. Let’s take care of it for them, and for ourselves.

TOGETHER, We got this.

-Matthew Cinquanta